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Atsushi Kubo

President, U-TEC Corporation More than half a century has passed since 1952, when U-TEC Corporation began as Uchiyama Cotton Mill. Since then, the companyfs business activities have expanded past the production and sale of cardboard boxes to include all aspects of distribution, including packing and warehouse management. And today, U-TEC also develops and manufactures LCD modules, solar cell modules, and various other electronic products. We remain ever faithful to our corporate motto, hHarmony with the Heart,h which hasnft changed since the companyfs foundation, and U-TEC is constantly working toward higher quality and more efficient production while taking advantage of advanced manufacturing technology to fulfill expectations and earn the trust of our customers.

At U-TEC, we bring many years of experience and the sensibilities of our employees to the task of creating and offering the market products that fulfill peoplefs dreams. We do our best to manufacture environmentally friendly products by utilizing manufacturing systems designed to minimize environmental impact at all stages of the production process. Also, under the management philosophy shared throughout U-TEC and its group affiliates, hEnvironment, Sensibility, Technology, Collaboration,

Contribution, and Dreams,h we are engaged in the development of cutting-edge technology. Yet even though our group affiliates may be engaged in different types of business operations, the management philosophy that grounds the U-TEC Groupfs outlook is common to all affiliates; each and every employee pursues business activities with a shared dedication to this management philosophy. In order to make wide-ranging sustainable contributions to society, we are constantly looking one step ahead to those areas of business that will take us beyond the present scope of operations. This is our most sincere endeavor, and on behalf of the U-TEC Group, I look forward to the continued support of our customers as well as the wider public.

Atsushi Kubo

President, U-TEC Corporation
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