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U-TEC Group Charter of CSR Behavior
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U-TEC Group Charter of CSR Behavior
Creed of Business
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Environment Symbiosis with the universe and its people,
contribution to the society is an essential enterprise responsibility
Sensibility   Be sensitive to all kinds of circumstances and admire individual inspirations
Technology   Make global innovation with technological advancements
Collaboration   Create new value surpassing individual standpoints
Contribution   Savor gratification on contribution veiled with gratitude
Dream   Endeavor to foster and implement of dream
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the responsibility of corporations to not only pursue profit but also to comply with the law in corporate activities and to provide safe and reliable materials/service while respecting social ethics. In addition, CSR includes improving the satisfaction level of all of stakeholders (all interested parties) such as customers, employees, communities, and the environment.
In the U-TEC Group, all executives/employees shall comply with/respect each of the following chapters and behave with common sense in order to promote CSR.
In order to ensure the effectiveness, we shall proactively disclose CSR related information to stakeholders.

Chapter 1 For “Customer Satisfaction”
1. (Business Activities Which Value the Customer)
  To satisfy and help our customers grow, we shall promote business activities which secure the quality and safety of products and service thoroughly.
2. (Understanding the Needs of Our Customers)
  To understand and meet the needs of our customers, we shall strive to improve technological capability and proactively work on solving issues.
3. (Continuous Improvement to Increase Customer Satisfaction)
  We shall continuously improve our product/design/development technological capability to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Chapter 2 Environmental Protection
1. (Environmental Management)
  In the management of our business, we shall always consider the impact on the environment from air, water, and soil pollution as well as offensive odors, noise, vibration, etc., and we shall promote environmental improvement activities which are conscious of the co-existence between humankind and the Earth.
2. (Effective Utilization of Energy and Resources)
  We shall strive for the effective utilization of energy and resources used in our business activities.
3. (Waste Reduction)
  We shall promote measures to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste as well as properly dispose of waste.
4. (Provision of Environmentally-benign Products and Service)
  We shall provide products and service which considers the life cycle from design/production to sales/logistics/use/recycling/disposal and which has a small impact on the environment.
5. (Natural Environment)
  We shall proactively promote conservation of the natural environment and nurturing activities.
6. (Environmental Mindset)
  We shall conduct educational activities on the “environment” immediately surrounding us such as the natural environment, dietary habits, and transportation, and we shall improve our awareness and respect for the environment.
Chapter 3 As a Member of Society
1. (Compliance with Laws and Regulations)
  We shall comply with all laws and regulations/customs/internal rules and contribute to the maintenance and development of social order.
2. (Thorough Fair, Transparent and Free Competition and Appropriate Transactions)
  (1) By complying with the Antimonopoly Act and other related laws and regulations, we shall engage in fair, transparent, and free competition.
  (2) We shall select partners in procurement based on price, quality, and delivery dates with fair, transparent, and reasonable standards.
3. (Information Security)
  (1) We shall establish an information security system to prevent the disclosure of secret information and personal information provided by our customers.
  (2) We shall promote the appropriate handling of personal information.
4. (Protection of Intellectual Property)
  We shall respect the intellectual property rights of third parties such as patents, copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, utility model rights and we shall never infringe on these rights illegally.
5. (Relationships with Political Entities and Administrations)
  (1) We shall not engage in any bribery related activity.
  (2) We shall aim for highly transparent relationships with political entities and government administrations.
6. (Approach for Contributing to Society)
  We shall proactively be involved with administrations/regional communities and we shall participate in activities that contribute to society such as volunteer work in communities.
7. (Encounters with Anti-social Forces)
  We shall respond to anti-social forces fearlessly and firmly.
8. (Compliance with International Rules)
  In our international business activities, we shall comply with local laws as well as respect local culture/customs, and we shall work to build mutual cooperation and relationships of trust.
Chapter 4 Creation of an Environment Where Individuals Work Actively
1. (Respect for Human Rights)
  We shall respect the human rights of individual employees and we shall never discriminate by race, faith, gender, or social status. Additionally, we shall never permit forced employment or child labor.
2. (Creation of an Environment for the Improvement of Employee Satisfaction)
  (1) Not only shall we comply with labor acts and related laws and regulations to create an environment where employees can work comfortably, but we shall also work to build a human resource system where individual employees can freely demonstrate their abilities.
  (2) We shall conduct education/training thoroughly in order to prevent behaviors which disrupt the workplace environment such as sexual and power harassment.
  (3) We shall engage in safety and health management thoroughly in order to protect life and maintain the health of our employees.
Chapter 5 Execution of the “Charter of CSR Behavior”
1. (Thoroughly Educating Executives/Employees on the Charter and Executing the Charter)
  To execute the “U-TEC Group Charter of CSR Behavior,” we shall thoroughly inform and educate all executives/employees on the contents of the Charter.
2. (Maintenance of an Internal System)
  We shall maintain a system to execute this “Charter of CSR Behavior.”
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