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Household Appliances
Aiming to achieve the top market share in the industry, we handle a range of appliance products that are used throughout the year, such as heating and cooling units, personal refrigerators, and electrical kettles. Our global manufacturing network is based on collaborative arrangements with producers such as Shanghai SenZhong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., in China. This has enabled us to build a system that delivers high levels of quality, safety, and value.

Household Appliances

Helping to improve peopleĂs lifestyles through new technology and ideas
We have launched a new brand strategy with śdevelopment of new products consumers canĂt do without” that generate new demand and the ścreation of newly developed products” that bring new added value to the market as core business policies. We aim to provide consumers with more affluent and convenient lifestyles by putting in place a system for rapid collection of data on flows of people, goods, and information, and by focusing on health and environmental issues.

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